Poker: 1996 World Series of Poker

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The World Series of Poker is an annual event that is among the most popular events in the world today. The World Series of Poker is an even that features tons of different poker style card games and many of the best players in the world gathering together to show their skills off against each other. These card games are all different, but the game that everyone pays attention to is "Texas Hold ‘Em." This game is the most famous of all of the games present at the World Series of Poker and is what the players play when they take part in the main event.


The main event is the event that draws the most attention and the most money to those that want to take part in the World Series of Poker. The 1996 World Series of Poker was a year to remember. There were record numbers of participants in that year. With those extra participants, the money available at the World Series of Poker was greater than it had ever been.


Once the main event started everyone was excited to see what this year would bring. There were 295 entrants to the main event. The main event first prize was the same as in years past, but the amount of money available to the runners-up was greater than it had ever been before. The first prize sat at one million dollars. The second prize approached nearly six hundred thousand dollars. The third prize would supply three hundred and forty thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the 4th and 5th place prizes would both still total more than one hundred thousand dollars as well.


It was clear that this year would share a lot of the same characteristics of years past. The event started with nearly 300 players, but the field was being narrowed very quickly. Some of the great poker players of that year were eliminated early on. Poker is interesting because even the best players can be eliminated if someone gets lucky or if they do not get the right cars. The event continued on until there were only five people left standing.


John Bonetti, Bruce Van Horn, Huck Seed, Men Nguyen and An Tran were the remaining players. Each of them had hopes of winning the first prize, but of course only one player would be able to take it all home. As they continued on An Tran was eliminated from play and took the 5th place finish. Men Nguyen would be the next player to fall, leaving the field with only 3 players remaining.


As players were eliminated the tension continued to build as we were closer to seeing who would take home the grand prize. Before long John Bonetti was eliminated from play and it was down to Huck Seed and Bruce Van Horn. It was clear after a while longer that Huck Seed had the confidence that he needed in order to take the whole thing home. Huck Seed would become the 1996 World Series of Poker champion, taking home one million dollars.

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Poker: 1996 World Series of Poker

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This article was published on 2010/10/05